Secondary School

(Jr High and High School)

At Bethany Academy, we treasure the invaluable opportunity to guide your child through a wide range of vibrant learning experiences to assist students learn how to think not what to think.  We have made it our mission to create a place that is nurturing and and a curriculum that paves the way for success in life. Our school community is committed to supporting students from all backgrounds and educational levels and helping them achieve their best, both personally and academically. They seek Biblical truth and use it to make decisions about the world around them. High school students  take core classes and have opportunity to choose electives. We also provide college level courses to our students allowing them to earn college credits while under the Bethany Academy roof.

Our students have the opportunity to participate in a number of extracurricular activities including theatre, soccer, cheerleading, basketball and more. We have an active Student Council for students who are seeking leadership opportunities.

In addition to extracurriculars, we offer special events for high school students including retreats, pep fests, and annual events such as homecoming and proms.