Aviation Open House August 25 9:00-1:00

All Bethany families are invited to attend the Open House Aviation Information Meeting at Flying Cloud Airport on Saturday, August 25 from 9:00-1:00 pm.

There will be helicopter and airplane rides available for students as well as time in full scale flight simulators. We will give as many rides as time and availability allow but priority will be given to students who have already signed up for the Secondary Aviation I class. At noon we will get together in a hangar to meet Dillion Washburn who will be working with Mr. Poole from Bethany as we begin this aviation program at Bethany. We will tell you what to expect in the program this year and in future years and you can ask any questions you might have.

If you would like to purchase a lunch from Chick Fil-A please respond to Mr. Poole by Friday. We will pick up the box lunches in time for the noon meeting in the hangar. You may also bring your own lunch if you wish. We will order the standard Chick Fil-A box lunches which include a Chick Fil-A sandwhich, bag of chips and a cookie. The price is $8 and you may pay when you pick up the lunches.

You may email your lunch order to gene.poole@nullbethanyacademy.org or return the form below with your name and number of lunches you would like. It’s ok if you just show up at the last minute and it is not necessary to stay the entire time. However, if you plan to attend it would help us a great deal with setup and planning if you let us know you are coming.

Click HERE for MAP. Click HERE for MENU.

See you there! Eagles Fly!

Mr. Poole