Elementary School

Kindergarten through Fifth Grade

It’s amazing to think that at a school like Bethany Academy we are preparing young students for jobs that have not even been created yet: that the world these students will enter after college will be vastly different from the one that exists today. At Bethany Academy we are a private elementary school,confident that our students will be prepared for whatever the world has in store for them, largely because we teach our students how to think, not what to think.

During the formative years of elementary school, an academic environment where every child’s unique gifts and talents are encouraged, express and developed is invaluable. We believe that every child has the opportunity to advance God’s Kingdom in his or her own way, and through each gift and talent, our greatest celebration is when they realize this, too.

Bethany Academy is a K- 6 Christian School and the aim of our elementary school curriculum is to develop key critical thinking and problem solving skills through the illuminating lens of a Biblical worldview. With that goal in mind, elementary school students are encouraged to become active participants in the overall learning experience. Small elementary class sizes grant our teachers the opportunity to plan many hands-on and interactive projects. A varied curriculum ensures that our students are always engaged in the learning process. Reading, spelling, science, social studies, math and Bible classes provide a strong foundation to our academic program, but special instruction in Spanish, Chinese, art, music, physical education and technology broaden our K - 6 students’ knowledge and range of talents.

Bethany Academy Private Elementary School

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